Communication Skills Workshops

La Leche League Pines and Palmettos offers a series of workshops on basic communication skills useful in parenting, friendship, counseling, and other contexts. Through explanations, examples and many opportunities for participants to practice, these workshops expand our ability to offer support.

Basic Communication Skills series:

  • Part I: Listening From Your Heart: Learn non-verbal communication skills, identifying feelings and reasons for the feelings, and making conversational empathetic responses.
  • Part II: Offering Information for Change (prerequisite: Part I): Practice summarizing, providing clarity and direction to your responses, asking and answering questions, and providing information
  • Part III: Developing Skills For Harmony (prerequisite: Parts I & Part II):Practice saying “no” without losing rapport, problem solving, and resolving differences empathetically.
  • Part IV: Interactive Group Leading (prerequisite: Parts I, II, III): Talk about and practice the skills needed for leading an actual meeting. (three hours)

Who can attend? LLL Communication Skills Workshops are open to the public. There is a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 participants per session. Like all La Leche League functions, nursing babies are always welcome. Because of the length of these sessions, consider where your pre-school child will be happiest.

What is the cost? The cost to the public is $20 per session, per person or $80 for the 4-part basic series. La Leche League members are given a 50% discount. There is no charge for La Leche League Leaders and official Leader Applicants.

Other sessions available upon request include:

  • Communicating With Our Children (two three-hour sessions)
  • Communication Skills Refresher (three hours, basic series prerequisite)
  • Conflict Management (three hours, basic series prerequisite)
  • Assertion Powers (three hours, basic series prerequisite)
  • Meeting Facilitation (90 minutes)
  • Co-Leader Communication (90 minutes)

To request a Communication Skills session, please email Cicely Rodal at